step into the cage cage cage cage cage cage cage cage
you snooze you lose this blog is mine now cage on bitches
Anonymous said:
Where can we find your cosplays?

right here

Anonymous said:
ah that explains it thanks dude

any time friend

Anonymous said:
By any chance, you wouldn't be able to give up this url once you had enough fun with it, right? This is a serious ask, but if you want to keep the url then that's fine. uwu If not, tyen I'd he more than happy to come off anon for you.

why do you want the cage’s url?

Anonymous said:
I am so glad this blog exists, cage on my friend, cage on

cage on

ppl are really mad about nic cage

Anonymous said:
hey cage, explain the "babby" post? thanks man

this one?

well u see son it is really very simple

even nic cages started out as tiny babies

Anonymous said:
Where do I as an individual fit into Nicholas Cage's plan?

our place within nic cage’s plan is not for us to know child

you know what isn't fake? The Cage's Love.

the cage is the realest thing in the world

Wow. You're full of shit you know that? I mean really, you don't want to explain yourself, fine, but doing this makes you look childish and is giving a hint your story was BS. I actually thought you were telling the truth. What ever.

the cage is many things

sexiest man alive, most treasured actor of our generation

but he is not full of anything but talent good sir

Anonymous said:
The brony post was legit. There's been proof posted.

link a cage?