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Leaving Las Vegas fun facts:

  • To get ready for his role, Nicolas Cage would film himself drunk to study his speech patterns.
  • The “supermarket sweep” with Ben whistling his suicide death note scene was voted Empire magazines eighth greatest drunk scene in movie history (2005).
  • Nicolas Cage researched his character by binge drinking and visiting many hospitalized career alcoholics. Elisabeth Shue associated with prostitutes and interviewed them on the strip in Las Vegas


some fun facts about The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

  • The 1935 Rolls Royce Phantom that was used in the film is a one of a kind and actually belongs to Nicolas Cage. The filmmakers were trying to find a really cool classic car and Cage offered it as an option to use.
  • The idea for the film was largely Nicolas Cage's as he wanted to explore a mystic world with a magical character.
  • Nicolas Cage and Jay Baruchel’s real life relationship is similar to their character’s and they often improvised their lines.


Opening night of Guns N Roses second residency at the joint. Nicolas Cage introduces Guns N Roses at the Joint inside the Hard Rock hotel & casino during the opening night of the band’s second residency, ‘Guns N Roses-an evening of destruction. no trickery!’ On May 21, 2014 in las vegas, nevada


Nicolas Cage is in Disney World


David Lynch and his Wild at Heart ensemble at Cannes, May 1990

I think that Ghost Rider Spirit Of Vengeance was mentally taxing,only because I had to go to a Christmas Party shortly after I had wrapped up photography in Romania at two in the morning as The Ghost Rider. The Invitation had a Christmas Ornament on it with Ghost Riders face on it as the tree.

Nicolas Cage


Nicolas Cage in Honeymoon In Vegas Comic Strip


A beautiful picture of Nicolas Cage and Erika Shaye Gair on the set of ‘The Wicker Man’